Rated as #1, Industry Leader of Information Technology Services

We service Federal, State, Municipal, Not-For-Profit, Large and Medium sized organizations in need for IT Consulting, Development, Implementation, Troubleshooting, Auditing, and more. In need of help for your small business? Check out Big Idea Computing – our Small Business division. Our team is comprised of engineers with cutting edge experience in their respective areas in which all of been rated as Tier-3 experts. From management thru to technician level of positioning, we hire and retain only the brightest and best of talent. We have feverishly worked towards securing a brand which is represented and acclaimed.


Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will respond and resolve any problems in a very timely manner to significantly reduce your downtime. Our technology experts are some of the best in the business and are ready to tackle any of your needs.Our style of service has remained the same since conception: excellence, high motivation, teamwork, innovation, vision, leadership, and inspiration will lead to customer success.

Our style of excellence is superb and second to none. Services offered to clients are at the highest of quality and executed in the best of manners. Clients have raved at our desire and deliverables of excellence.
The team here at Federal Computing is highly motivated to begin, endure, and complete each and every project until its final mutual approval end-point. Motivation is key to our team’s success on each project.
While it is often hard to find teams that operate as one, Federal Computing will dispel this notion. The team of Federal Computing will work together, in unison with you, to produce the best means of communication, collaboration, and efficiency. Working together allows us to complete projects in the most efficient way.
From our CEO thru to our tier-1 support group, we thrive on innovation and creation of ideas that ensure prosperity. Each staff member of Federal Computing is hired once able to prove innovation in field cases- we wish for and expect the best.
Our vision at Federal Computing is based on solid business acumen, strategic decision making, and integrity. The vision of our company is to provide the highest attainable quality of Information Technology services- ensuring delight of our engaged organizations.
It is proven that Federal Computing is an industry leader of Information Technology services; our individualistic approach to leadership is highly regarded. Each team member of Federal Computing undergoes leadership training so that they may be able to execute and make informative decisions which shape outcome on projects, timeliness of completion and much more. Our style of leadership is established and abhorrent by none.
Our sense of inspiration is influence by a wide array of cultures and walks of life. Team members at Federal Computing bring a wide variety of experience and ideas which contribute to a unified common goal. Such inspiration is unique when determining and cultivating plans to our future parties of engagement.


*24×7 Support Agreement Required.